LayerStack’s Cloud Servers Attain Impressive Performance Benchmarks

Choosing the right cloud servicer can be a grind. You need to do your homework, or let others – namely Geekbench – do the homework for you and you read their results, here.

For most demand-heavy workloads, whether a cloud service is as good as they tell you essentially boils down to two key factors – how fast the CPU is, and how powerful the memory is. With LayerStack, you get the best of both worlds.

LayerStack’s latest high-frequency, turbo-boosted CPU clocking 3.4 GHz outperforms both Intel Skylake and Intel Xeon, according to Geekbench.

In terms of memory performance, LayerStack’s cloud servers get staggeringly better Geekbench scores than Intel Xeon Gold and Intel Xeon. With low latency and lightning-fast read/write speeds, our infrastructure lets you coast through any and all memory-intensive tasks.

VPSBenchmarks did their homework too! Check here to view details.

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